The U.S and Mexico have been sharing a very significant and strong relationship over the years. It isn’t tightly knit by the existence of a border in between but also due to the cultural and commercial sentiments that the two communities share for each other. If you think the diplomatic and official ties bound it, then you might want to revise that because it goes far beyond than just that.

When we talk about the cultural intertwinement between the two countries, we have to talk about traveling, which is the central pillar of support behind the relationship. Mexico and America are both beautiful countries- home to some breathtaking landscapes.

Americans love to visit Mexico, especially the tourist destination at the southern border. Around 32.39 million Americans visited Mexico in 2019 alone.

The Gulf of Mexico, the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, their culture, the richness in history, and the food remains the major influences in people visiting the country. Americans love to visit Mexico due to the hospitable weather, cheaper living standard, and amazing food.

This explains why 1.5 million Americans have Mexico as their permanent place of residence. 

We can witness a similar balance in visiting when it comes to Mexican tourism in America. Be it the old buildings or big cities or extremely diverse shopping markets, America has been an excellent spot for a vacation. Around 18.14 Mexicans visited America in 2019.

These figures have been in the two digits for an extended period as in 2011, the number of Mexicans that visited America was around 13.6 million.

When we talk about the permanent residents in America, more than 36.6 million Hispanics of Mexico live in America.  

Hundreds of thousands of Mexicans cross the border to visit America every day legally.

The cultural mix is essential for strengthening the bond between the two countries and is vividly seen in this case.